Even the reluctant housewife cares about stuff

Refugee Action asked that people should write to their MPs. Mine is Andrew Tyrie who is (not surprisingly, a Tory). I have had a great lunch with mates and a browse around the shops in Chichester today but I was awake at 5am and heard stuff on the World Service and was (again) in awe of how many Syrian refugees have been absorbed in neighbouring countries.

We ( the UK ) have take 50 people in the last 3 years…….

In a typical Reluctant Housewife manner, I will be selling preserves I have made, and a few chairs I have re-upholstered (with a good friend) for the Syrian Refugee Fund this year. Some small help ( though the Man says refugees could do with other things than carefully reupholstered chairs…..)

Dear Andrew Tyrie

Or probably more accurately Dear Andrew Tyrie’s assistant,

This is rather a long email and I am sure you get lots.
Me too – I ignore long emails.
You have other things to do.
You have a pretty sure idea of what I might be complaining about.
It is not your area of interest/business/concern
I might well be a Guardian reader and as so ( yes I am ) I won’t vote Tory and so you can easily ignore me in your constituency.

But, I am one of your constituents so you owe me a listening to ( not good grammar but you get the meaning).

I am sure you get a lot of emails asking for you to ‘prevent the flood of immigrants’ into this country. I am a constituent who is asking you to take more – there is of course a difference between illegal immigrants and refugees (and I won’t go into a load of stuff about immigration and the nonsense about how we are overwhelmed by people who are scrounging off our benefits system – I am sure you know well enough that is such a red herring) – but currently, the Conservative Party and some parts of the media do not seem to make a distinction.
In Jordan 1 in 4 of the population is now a Syrian refugee. In Lebanon the ratio is 1 in 3. I am pretty sure you will have seen a piece in The Telegraph today but just in case….

“The number hosted by Lebanon as a ratio of its population would be equivalent to nearly 15 million in France, 32 million in Russia or 71 million in the United States.( interestingly the equivalent number in the uk is not cited)
Turkey hosts the second largest number, with 634,900. And where not so long ago Iraqis travelled across to the border into Syria for refuge, there are now a quarter of a million doing the reverse journey.
The Domiz refugee camp, 20 kms southeast of Dohuk city, in northern Iraq hosts Syrian-Kurds
In December, the UN appealed for around £4 million for victims of Syria’s war, while a total of £1.3 billion was pledged at the Kuwait Donor Conference in January.
Oxfam said only 12 percent of the money pledged under the UN appeal has been delivered.”

We have taken 50 people from this flood of anxious, terrified, endangered, lost, desperate, grieving, amazing, educated, thoughtful, kind, skilled people into this country. That is it 50 people compared to thousands upon thousands of people that have had to move to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan.

If you have got this far, please, please don’t tell me that we aren’working’ to help people stay in the region. There is a lot of help coming from the UK but nowhere near enough. ( I am tempted to launch into a rant about stopping bombing IS not least as we can not even find them – and spend the money on
helping refugees and therefore improving our standing with Islamic community.)

If you have got this far, thank you.