Vienna Grit

We have just been to Vienna and a much better trip it was than last time (a really long story which I will add sometime….)

Despite the taxi driver saying we should visit in the Spring when it is lovely, I think Vienna is a wintertime city.

And, do you know what… as we walked back from the restaurant on our first night, it started snowing and by the middle of the night, it was coming down in thick flakes and romantically coating the church opposite.

So, as I set off in the early morning to go to the flea market – of course – I was tramping through the snow past the cathedral and all only my own.

Except for a Petit Walter. A little golf cart time thing with a mini snow plough on the front and a big bag of grit and salt on the back.

He was not alone, there were lots of them whizzing about, doing their business and making Vienna safe for its inhabitants.

Compare and contrast with the sleepy hollow in which we live.

No one would expect Petit Walters (or Small John’s as they might be called) to race around the lanes of the Hartings.

So a few winters ago the Parish Council said they had secured a large pile of grit or salt to be stored nearby and at the first sign of bad weather, piles would be left at strategic points around the lanes and hardy locals could shovel the stuff around.

The weather happened but the grit didn’t.

In a stroppy mood I bearded the Parish Councillor responsible in his lair.

(His lair happens to be the rarely-open carpet shop in the village. Given the butchers, bakers and candlestick makers have long gone – about the same time as the smithy and bank shut up shop – it is strange to find a carpet shop.

We presume, not unreasonably, that it is a front for a Colombian drugs cartel.)

Anyway, back to the main story.

He said that no one had checked whether the grit had been delivered so when they went to look for it, imagine their surprise…..

Our house is a mile or so away from his shop so when he went on to say, ‘ I hear it is bad out your way’, I did feel that he probably spent more time in Columbia than on the icy local lanes.


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