Convalescent Homes

I know someone who has left hospital about 10 days after he had a major operation – losing quite a lot of his internal ‘stuff.’

He is going home to a small house with his wife and four kids – two of them under two.

He should be in a convalescent home, looked after by nuns and nurses who feed him chicken broth and get him to sit outside in the sunshine.

But they don’t exist any longer – maybe they do for those who have Swiss accounts with HSBC but not for the likes of us.

Surely the re-introduction of convalescent homes would ease the bed-blocking crises, the failure of getting the right social care support.

Surely, a convalescent home would be a cheaper option for the state than a high-cost hospital bed. Maybe we could even be asked, heresy of heresy for someone of my political views, to pay a bit towards it.

I thought I’d better check whether I was right and there were no convalescent homes around – and indeed I was wrong.

There is one on the Sussex coast and very nice it looks too but it costs a minimum of £650 a week.

In Belgium it is part of the deal when you have a big operation and I know they have a different system but it surely (yes I know I have said ‘surely’ quite a lot) would be something the Government should consider.

So, if any parliamentary candidate makes it to this small out of the way corner, I shall raise the issue as they say.

Unlikely though.

We don’t even get Jehovah’s Witnesses here. Actually, our window cleaner turns out be a JW but he has never done more than discuss the recipe for the large piece of banana cake he had.


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