Customer Satisfaction II

I once found a big old bible in a donation to the Oxfam bookshop where I work.

Actually it was more than a bible, it had other bits but I am no bible expert.

Anyway, it was old, and on the few blank pages it had Peter Gundry married to Sarah Sager in 1765 and then a listing of all the children, their deaths and a family history onwards listing births, marriages and deaths.

It was not worth much as it was – no one these days wants to buy old family bibles unless they have a connection.

So, I decided to try and track down the family because I wanted it to go to a good home and be appreciated.

I just googled their names and lo and behold, they came up in a site which, though it does not advertise the fact, is run by the Mormons who apparently have some belief about ancestors and naming them means they get into heaven – maybe someone will correct me if that is wrong.

I found out where they were married, Calne in Wiltshire and then spent some weeks tracking down anyone who was researching their history.

Family history sites want you to sign up and pay and don’t give out information – all very well and proper, but not much use to me.

Then I was idling away and hour or so on this research whilst making supper (a risotto should you ask) when I came across an email attached to a search about Gundry’s.

So I contacted the woman whose email I could see, and yes, she was looking into Gundry’s, though another branch.

But she bought the bible and promised me that if she could locate the right branch of the family, she would pass it to them and if not, she would hand it over to some family history archive.

It was a good when I found her name, and the risotto was not bad either.



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