Refugees & Rabbit Pie


We feel strongly about the plight of refugees and so, this weekend, my best-beloved went to the march in London to show support. ( I think he looks rather magisterial….)

The reason I didn’t go shows our Sussex life in microcosm – I was dog-sitting for friends who were off to Goodwood Revival ( lots of classic car racing and people dressed up in vintage stuff.) I stayed home and made rabbit pie…..

Anyway, I have been to more marches in support of good causes than I have made rabbit pies, so the best-beloved went off alone and on his very first march.

It was a bit like ( I imagine) sending you child off to first day at big school. I made sure he had a rucksack & water bottle, and told him not to talk to any members of the Socialist Workers’ Party – not to be trusted and mad as hatters.

I was very proud of him and a little worried about letting him go into the big world of marches on his own – but I was pretty sure that kettling was unlikely under the circumstances.

He had the idea a few days ago to get people to wear a yellow lapel ribbon to show their support for refugees.

He wanted me to set up a Twitter and Facebook campaign but as I have all of about 3 followers and friends, this was unlikely to happen – and I have only just worked out that setting up a public page on Facebook would be a start.

( On that, we have a new potential volunteer at the shop who is a Facebook native and so I will be demanding lessons to get me passed the clunky middle-aged-woman-tries-social-media thing.)

Anyway, on the march he managed to get rid of his cache of yellow ribbons and one ‘nice young woman’ has promised to help with the campaign.

So who knows, it might just happen.

Meanwhile, I had tweeted he was off on his first march and got a abuse for the first time – I am not sure how the ‘abuser’  found me or why he was so angry ( I am presuming it was a he, given his comments) but I suppose it is some sort of right of passage on social media.


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