My Apology to Oxfam

So, after my rather het up complaint about being airbrushed out of my moment of Oxfam glory last week, I must now eat a rather large slice of humble pie.

It turns out that the photos I saw after the photo-shoot were only a small sample of what will be used, and I am indeed included in some of the others.

Putting up a feeble defence of myself, I can say that if the email had made clear there were others out there, as it were, I would have kept my mouth and typing fingers under better control.

But in all honesty two things have come out of this – a reminder just how vain a woman can be in the face of a promise of being in a public photo and – more importantly, how nice it feels to be back in a good mood with Oxfam.

(Though, of course, after my tantrum, they might have to seriously restrain themselves from really airbrushing me out of the picture…)