German Signs

Getting a sense of a different country is often to be found in the small things of life – signs, for example.

On a visit last weekend to see friends in Bonn, the sign for the baby changing room in a airport made me laugh and, truly, Bonn airport is not a bundle of hilarity.

Anyway, the Germans call it a ‘wickelraum’ which literally means a wrapping room.

(Babies being swaddled thoroughly maybe…)

But it was the image of the baby which looked so alarming. It is on its back with arms and legs akimbo.

It looks as if it has been thrown splat onto its back only protected by the enormous nappy (wrapping/swaddling) it is wearing.

( My German friends said it was surrendering – but only they can say that and get away with it.)

Mind you, a quick glance at the Heathrow equivalent shows a baby being changed by someone with no hands – so how does that work?










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