Honours – a brief rant

I need to make a couple of points up front here: I was not glued to the Olympics, and I think the British honours system is rubbish.

Our Prime Minister has said there will be no limit to the number and type of honours given to the British medal winners.

And I do appreciate the amount of hard work, dedication and effort it takes to make yourself an Olympian medal winner.

So, Prime Minister, make a new category of honours which are dedicated to sports women and men.

Make the lovely hockey team proud with a British Sports Honour. Make the dream cycling couple happy with the same. Give one to the man who won his medal at the age of 58 – and even to his horse. Make Bradley Wiggins or Mo Farrah give them out with the Queen alongside.

But heavens above spare us from more Sirs and stuff.

Awards are generally bought one way of another.

These sports ones were bought with £350m lottery money.

(A familiar number to those of us who were glued to the Brexit debate. Do you remember that amount was promised to come back into the health service very week?)

And the SamCam stylist. Oh give over.

I am sure there are still people who give a lot of unsung service to the country who occasionally get recognised but the system is generally weighted in favour of the friends of the great and good and rich – and it is just rubbish.


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