Plastic Bottles

So, you get all those emails asking you to sign a petition or send an email about stuff.

This was one asking Cocoa-Cola to reduce the numbers of their bottles ending up as plastic rafts polluting the lives of seabirds and fish across the world.

There are times when I ignore these appeals (and I know I should’t ) – too busy, too tired, too difficult to deal with….

But tonight I sat up straight and decided not just to sign but to say what I thought.

Us Sussex Housewives do have thoughts.

Here is what I sent:

(and should you want to sign the petition go to the Greenpeace site)

Below (at the end) is the email I was asked to send. And, by and large, I  agree with it. You have 100 billion plastic bottles sloshing around the environment in any one year …

You must get thousands petition signatures, and emails, and contacts etc and perhaps you ignore most of them – if not all.

I am hoping that there is a real human reading this and one who might want to make, just ordinary contact.

So, if there is someone ( not an algorithm) reading this , I would really appreciate it if you just tell me that you have read this communication. Just read it.

I used to do a (faintly) similar job to your’s – fending off stuff for the CEO – but not anywhere near as big a company as yours. Not anywhere near as big. And, even then it was hard work.

Still and all, all aspects of customer service are what makes a reputation – and a good reputation is hard won and easily lost.

If, by chance you do read this far, I would just like to say a) I live in England, so a long way from your main markets and b) I am far from perfect, very far from perfect, when comes to being good about the environment.

But you have many more resources and, therefore, responsibilities, than I do.

Why I am bothering to do more than just sign the petition? Well, no good reason except to see if there is anyway of reaching into such an organisation. And to be mightily impressed if there is.

If you answer this, I will indeed be mightily impressed, and I will promise, as a result, to make a lot more effort on my environmental ‘stuff’.

I will, if you do – imagine that…

So, I get a response from you and we keep in contact and you tell me what your huge organisation is doing and I tell you what I am doing in my life to recycle better, protect the environment etc etc.

Just out of interest. No agenda, no publicity, nothing except human contact.

(And of course, as you are a human responding on behalf of an organisation but still a human, you will be doing the same – going home, putting the garbage out and hoping that you are better at making sure there is less waste.)

As I said, I know Coca-Cola, as a huge company, has a somewhat larger issue to deal with than I do, but if you, as that huge company, can make a bit of an extra effort, it will (just a bit!) have a lot more impact that whatever I do.

If you make contact, human contact/email contact but not just an automatic response, I will do a lot better because I will be, again as I said, mightily impressed that such a huge organisation makes the effort.

So, please, make my day (as you say in the US) and make human contact.

And of course, there are the issues below:

‘Plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats facing our oceans. An estimated 12 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every year – a truck load of rubbish every minute.

Plastic can now be found at every corner of the world’s oceans – from bottles and packaging to tiny microplastics – threatening one of our planet’s key life-support systems, harming marine life and even ending up in the seafood on our plate.

We know that single-use plastic bottles are a major source of ocean plastic pollution and are found littering beaches around the world.

As the biggest soft drinks company in the world – selling an estimated 100 billion single use plastic bottles every year worldwide – Coca-Cola bears a particular responsibility for ocean plastic pollution.

Further as one of the richest companies in the world and a leader in your sector Coca-Cola has the power and resources to help solve this problem.

I understand you are currently reviewing and updating your sustainable packaging strategy. I urge you to ensure that this clearly sets out commitments, targets and timelines to drastically reduce Coca-Cola’s plastic footprint.

That means committing to phase out the use of throwaway plastic packaging, embracing reusable models and innovative delivery systems and ensuring all remaining packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content.

I look forward to your response.’


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