Books, politics, pickles and preserves on occasion, weeks with PhDs, sometimes auctions, upholstery (but badly) other than that a reluctant housewife rather hoping I could a lot more interesting stuff….


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello The Reluctant Housewife,
    I have read your piece re the bookbinder Katharine Adams.
    For a number of reasons, I would like to discuss this further and establish if you still have the book.
    Look forward to you replying.
    Regards John


    • HI John, I am sorry but I think the book has sold. I will check with the online lisiting when I go in tomorrow but I wouldn’t want to get your hopes up. Thanks for reading and will let you know if by nY chance the book is still on our shelves.


  2. Hello, I have just come across your blog about F C Banes-Walker. He was my husband’s great great uncle, and our 10 year old son is now researching him for a school project. I don’t suppose you still have the book you mentioned? Many thanks, Catherine Banes-Walker


      • Hi thanks so much for your prompt reply. We’d really like to find out more. Do you have the details of the army museum at all and we will follow up. Many thanks.


      • Hi Catherine, it was the Devonshire’s Museum in Dorchester ( not that local infact, but anyway..) The person I dealt with was Helen Jones. I’d love to know how you get on and, if you wouldn’t mind, I would blog about it. No names of course. Do say if you don’t want that, but this is so exciting for me – the internet working for searching stuff.


    • Hi, I’ve spoken to the lady at the tank museum who receives all the donations and she couldn’t find anything under the name of Banes-Walker or your name. Is it possible you could confirm what name the items might have been donated under, and, if possible, a receipt number which would have come back. Many thanks.


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